#FF: Jeff Brouws

I may be a member of gen Y, and have an account on nearly every social media outlet, but I have to be honest: I didn’t know what #ff meant for the longest time. In case you don’t either, it stands for Follow Friday (or Friday Follow, depending on your preference!). By the same token, I’m a member of gen y, so please excuse my inactivity on this blog! We’ve resumed classes for the fall, and so I’ve had my hands tied for a while. However, I am back, and I’ve decided bring you a #ff of my own. Every (…) Friday, I’ll bring you an artist I think you should know about.

For my first: Jeff Brouws.

Jeff Brouws is a self-taught artist, starting photography at age 13. He works with the Historical Contemporary subject, starting with American highways in the 80s and moving towards the “franchised landscapes” of the American environment for his later work. Brouws’s work illuminates the reality of the American lifestyle. I am so interested in capturing the American Landscape, and I love that the man-madeness of the space makes any landscape seem more like a still life. His work has an eerie stillness, while remaining inviting through their familiarity. I really love the way he captures light in each of his works, in such beautifully mundane captures.

He’s written seven books, and exhibits in top galleries all around the country. Visit his website to learn more about him, and let me know what you think of his work!

While you’re at it, who are your favorite artists? Let me know your all time favorite photographer, or for an added challenge- your favorite work by a photographer.


Best in Class: Kirsten Lepore

There’s something about stop motion film that makes it absolutely magical for me. Maybe it was rediscovering it after growing up with Gumby and Wallace and Gromit, but maybe its simply the fact that the artists making it these days are so beautifully skilled storytellers.

Kirsten Lepore never ceases to amaze me. Her work is endearing, sweet, and always adorably clever. She works in a variety of mediums, from 2D flash to claymation, and she hand makes all of film sets and characters. She’s one of those rare geniuses whose client work is just as beautiful as her personal work, and remains true to her artistic aesthetic.


Don’t forget to check out her site to watch all of her work: kirstenlepore.com