Hi there! I’m Sarah. I’m a senior at Loyola University Chicago, where I study advertising, public relations and marketing. “Home” is Chicago at the moment, but that could change any second. I’ve called Indiana, Belgium, Japan and New Jersey home over the years as well, but I’m really enjoying this one.

Ideally, I enter the advertising industry, and totally shake things up by creating marketing that is non-intrusive since it can be taken as art in and of itself rather than disrespectful, unpersonal, unbeautiful 30 second branding.Also ideally: interviewers would spend less time trying to surprise the most inspired version of “top 3 people to have dinner with, living or dead” out of potential hires, and more time asking about our favorite artists and music. What 22 year old really wants to have dinner with Jesus, Socrates and Alexander the Great?! (I’m sure a lot of you really do, you smart cookies. But really. If everyone says the same thing, what does that say about anyone?)

If I weren’t in ad, I’d like to be an illustrator.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you’d like to see other things I like, please connect with me 🙂



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