You can LITERALLY share it.

I love a funny, tongue-in-cheek ad as much as the next guy, but when its an ad blatantly making good, clean fun of another ad? I’ll be laughing the loudest. It might be a David and Goliath thing, but I love it when the big player gets poked at a little bit. That being said, I hate when ads deliberately call out their competitor. To me, it comes off as desperate and frankly- lame. If you can’t come up with anything besides saying “me too!” to a competitor’s advertising, I really think you’re better off saving your media budget until you can.

However, I think Ikea’s BookBook campaign for their 2014 campaign is hilarious. They’re not competitors, so its not a “Call Out” campaign. We all know Apple’s ads are pretentious, but they aren’t selling themselves as the Less Pretentious Apple. We* love Apple, and we all know exactly what Ikea’s doing, but it doesn’t detract from Apple while benefitting them. They’re playing off that iconic, Myriad-centric, cool tech guy Apple vibe in a way that totally works.

Check out Ikea’s BookBook video below:

*”We” here meaning American society at large; I personally have been working with a shattered iPhone screen for about a month because I’m a poor college student who can’t afford repairs. I really don’t love them at all right now.


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